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Christmas, A Homeless Boy and A box of Crackers

December 25, 2017


Merry Christmas my friend!

I hope today is beautiful and amazing for you and everything you wished for!  It snowed today where I am so thats always awesome!  Christmas is the time of year where we can really think of others and not of ourselves but its strange how so many times we (including myself) get caught up in the small trivial things that do not even matter.

Just the other day I was going to pick up a my car, running around like crazy, getting music gear etc and noticed a kid in his 20s had a sign up that said “Anything Helps”. I know people say we should not hand out money because they can go get help at a facility and its better for them.  I still to this day have a hard time passing people on the street so I rolled down the window and gave him a box of crackers with some salad and a water.  I rolled up the window and looked back over and he literally ripped the bag open with his mouth and quickly started devouring the crackers.  He looked like he was starving.  I just of thought how sad it was to see him without a family, freezing outside and its a couple days away from Christmas.  It quickly reminded me of what Christmas is about and how many trivial things in life just do not matter.  When I was young my dad would actually take us to the homeless shelters all the time and would give people food.   You could see that people were so grateful.  He is one of the most Christlike giving people I know.

Again just the next day I caught myself again getting way too caught up in a gift game at a family party.   You know the one where you go around in a circle, roll a dice and if you get a 7 or 11 you pick a gift or steal it from someone else.  Ya that one.  I would say I a pretty competitive with certain things, more with myself most of the time but for some reason  I got way too competitive with this game.  Being competitive can be a blessing and a curse at times.  Anyways at the end of the game, ya I got what I wanted but then half the group was upset so to say the least I should not have fully acted the way I did.  I ended up giving the gift back to the person I stole it from because I felt so bad about it.   I guess what I am trying to say is I am not perfect.  If we forget at times its ok, just take a deep breathe, pause a moment and come back to what really matters in life.

Going back to the homeless boy on the street.  Thank you for reminding me that its hard enough to be on the street.  I know you can join a program which I think is a great idea but I am reminded of the emotional loss you are feeling. The lost that someone loves him.  I hope I can continually be reminded that we all could use a little more love in this world without the criticism.

Love  and gratitude

(This is not the real boy due to privacy this is another homeless boy at age 17)


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Believe in Yourself

December 14, 2017

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” –E.E. Cummings

Why is it so hard to believe that we can actually accomplish more than we ever thought possible?  Its interesting when we are young that our parents, friends, teachers all tell us to live our dreams.  Go big!  Every year in school the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  We draw pictures of our dreams in elementary school, we go to games, concerts and cheer our role models on.  Then once we hit 18 its like a light switch.  people are telling each other to go to college, get a degree, work a 9-5 and live happily ever after in your house that you will be paying for for the next 30 years.  Most americans also get stuck at a job they do not even like just to pay the bills.  I know its extremely difficult and its hard to stay positive.  Have you ever had these thoughts come up.  “I don’t have money.” “I don’t have time.”  “I don’t have any connections.”.  Etc.  I get it.  I have been there before.  I have had some of these same thoughts.  Its not until I get a clear understanding and keep a clear idea of what my “Why” is that keeps me moving in the right direction.   If you have never heard the term, a “Why” is the answer to what your purpose is in what you are doing.  My “Why” is I do music because its a part of me like air.  Its therapeutic to me.  It makes people happy.  Music can connect us no matter what religion, race or gender you are.  I remember when I first started writing music.  I had written my first song when my grandpa past away.  This is when I first discovered that music was therapeutic to me.  On my first album I worked 2 jobs and would go to work all day and every night I would go to the studio and work from 11-3 in the morning so I could afford my first album.  People would tell me all the time.  “You cant afford to make a CD.”  “No one is going to write songs for you.  They only write songs for big artists.”  “Its a one in a million chance to get big in the business.”.  I finished my first album and it took me a year in a half to write and pay for.  I had written 10 songs on the album and it didn’t matter if I made it big or not because I had kept my “Why” in my mind all the time.  My “Why” is I write music because I love it and I love connecting with people.

Why do you do what you do?  Do you like your job? Are you happy?  I challenge you to find your “Why” and run with it.  Everyone has a purpose in life and if you are not living your purpose you will not fully be happy and fulfilled.  You will be content maybe but that doesn’t sound too exciting….


Ps.  I will be live on Mondays at noon on youtube with song requests.  Grab a popsicle and come join here


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September 1, 2017


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3 ways to start living the life you want!

April 22, 2017

Wow time flies!   Today I want to talk about “3 ways to start living the life you want!”

  1.  Decide what success is for yourself!-Many people will come up to me all the time and be like ” I never hear you on the radio”.  “Are you famous?”.  Its totally cool for them to ask these questions.  It is definitely a weird feeling when someone asks you if you are famous.  The answer is it doesn’t really matter.  If someone really believes in what they are doing and and love what they do that’s what matters.  You may say, “Oh she is bitter about not being on the radio.  etc etc.  Honestly no I am not.  I am really happy being an Independent artist.  I know I will not be played on the radio at least at this moment in time.  Major labels work with the radio stations.   If you are not on a Major Label you will not get played.  Its that simple.  Once you realize this and be ok with where you are at its beautiful.  Can you blame the labels?  No they are a business and they need to do what they need to do.   Success for me is continually creating and making music that people can feel.  When you can create something beautiful you can see the world in a whole new light.


Make a vision board- If you do not know what this is you can google it or I can make another blog post about it.  It has honestly really worked as crazy as it sound at first.

3.  Perception-Things will go wrong at times!  Its inevitable.  Its how you look at it that matters.   So many people told me you cant make an album it costs thousands of dollars.  In my mind I thought “Ok if I work 2 jobs I can save enough money in 1 year to create an album.”  So I went out worked and worked and worked.  I went to work from 9am to 8pm and then went to a small basement studio from 9pm – 3 am everyday for 8 months.  People said “What songs are you going to record.  People are not willing to write for people they have never heard of.”  I finished writing 1o songs on the guitar and piano and that was my first album.  I also had some nice session players come in and play additional instrumentation for like $100 a song.  (You can find many players at colleges that are excellent and would love to be on albums)

Through all of these I am trying to say that you can make your dreams happen.  Think outside the box and know going into it things will not be easy.  It will probably never happen in the way you think.  You have to adjust.  Life is an adjustment everyday. We are here to grow and discover life. 

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Beauty and Happy New Years!

January 1, 2017

Sometimes it seems like the beauty in life always seems to appear when its peaceful and quiet.  Its been quite the week and just got back from touring in Tennessee and how amazing and crazy it was.  I loved the people!  I am actually not a morning person so to wake up to catch flights at 4 am and leave places at 6 am is quite the challenge for me then again I am not a night person either.  HA I think I am a 10 am – 8 pm I guess– But thats Ok it always is worth it.

(Private Party pics)

(Private party I loved playing with some of the children)

Yes from the picture at the top I look all put together.  That is not always the case.  It went pretty smooth besides the flood of the hotel room.  Yes if anyone knows me sometimes I tend to clog the toilet.  Yes!  I was like half way asleep and didn’t notice how much I put in and water came flooding into the room!   Yep you read that right.  It took about 4 hours to dry with the blowdryer but its all good.

Ill share some pictures and more details coming up.

Oh The sacrifice we have to make too to make dreams happen.  Thank you for all the people that paid for me to come out to Tennessee.  You are amazing!  It was not until I got back that I really got to take in the last few weeks. I wish all of you the most amazing Holidays!!  2016 was a great year and 2017 is going to be even better!  What are you goals for 2017?

Love you all Margie!

Jacket from @ailulia FB/Instagram @shop_ailulia  I love this shop!

Music Of The Week

Shaun Barrows

December 4, 2016

This is my featured artist for the week.

Micheal Bubble has a super cool sound and I have enjoyed his music for years. He is such a talented artist and very diverse.  He can go from a sweet soft ballad to a jazzy uptempo vibe.  It seems like he always does inspirational and motivating themes in his music which is really cool and everything I have seen him do is family friendly. What I like most is how he adds the hero theme into what he does.
You guys will have to check out his music and leave a comment if you want.
You can find his music at shauncanon youtube.14519748_1136514599760795_7003532436078610402_n
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Cyber Monday is here!

November 28, 2016

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Happy Holidays!

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Whats Your Favorite Thanksgiving Memory?

November 22, 2016
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Meet N Greet with Elizabeth Smart

November 15, 2016
I finally got these pics up from the “Meet N Greet” from when I performed and spoke at the event last month with Andrea Tesch, Elizabeth Smart, Kim Duncan, Alisa Snell, Bonnie Chadburn and many other great speakers!
It was so wonderful to meet everyone and truly loved getting to know you each person!