Performing in Europe

Travel day to Rome, Italy!

October 6, 2016

Wow! So talk about a long flight, but I can’t complain – I was in Rome for crying out loud! It’s amazing and to be honest, I didn’t expect that it would be so dang beautiful. I always said I was going to perform in Europe and even though it took a lot longer than expected it finally happened and it was amazing!  The bus was surprisingly really fast.  The desserts are freakin’ scrumptious. These are a few pics of the train and arrival area in Rome. So amazing!

So I have to say you know those small tea cups you see in the antique stores in the US and you think who in the heck uses these tiny cups. I can get one gulp in and I have to get like 30 refills. Well, they are all over in Europe- a little tea cup and desserts! I actually fell in love with them. It feels like I could be a tea cup collector but I am already collecting way too many other things. I would say I can be kind of a hoarder.  Lol.  I am better but still working on it.  Anyways, here are some tips for the trains in Europe:

  1. Pre-buy tickets if you can!
  2. Never leave your luggage alone, even if you are on the train and think everything is fine. The train stops and people can get on and off and sometimes people get possessions taken in between because no one is really checking people in the train station.
  3. Second class is basically just as nice as first class so there is really no point in spending the extra money.
  4. Never travel alone (I would hope people would know this, but you never know).
  5. Yes, there is actually someone that asked, “Want something from the trolley”- Yes, like Harry Potter! HAHA!
  6. If you can get a tour manager to keep track of all of this that would be best.  Someone that has already traveled to Europe several times is even better.

It was so awesome!  Well, I’ll keep you guys posted on things and performing.  Have a super day!



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    Congratz for the wonderful achievement!

  • Thanks so much for stopping by!